Csp Professional Loudspeaker System

  RS SERIES    RS40   RS41   RS42   RS43   RS50   RS60

RS41 Stage Monitor System

There are eight different RS products. They are RS40, RS41, RS42 and RS43, which have full audio frequency, and RS50 and RS60, which are ultra bass speakers.

The special design of the speaker box helps maximally improve the product’s range of application. The suspension device makes the installation more flexible and versatile.

The special UPWE processing of its housing helps extending the range of application of the product series outdoor. Thus, it is a true all-weather product.


Sound Reinforcement

Clubs, Karaoke Clubs, Health Clubs

Offices, Classrooms, Meeting Rooms

A/V Systems

Houses of Worship

Sport Facilities

Distributed Systems


High sensitivity, low distortion

SP DDP™ (Speaker Distortion Dynamic Protection)

UPWE™ (Ultrachrome Protecting wood enclosures) black polyurea finish

compression driver with titanium diaphragm


Manufactured with Pride in the United States




Csp Sound Systems are guaranteed

Csp Sound Systems are guaranteed against malfunction due to defect in material and workmanship for a period of five full years from the date of purchase. This limited warranty does not apply to burned out voice coils or obvious physical abuse. Products in this literature are capable of producing damaging sound pressure levels, always use protection. Never suspend speaker systems by handles or unapproved hardware. Member of PaulAudio Copyright 1992-2020 CSP Professional. All rights reserved.