Csp Professional Loudspeaker System

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LA18BM Bass system

When describing sound, the general public uses the words “fine and smooth”. Some also use the word “earth-shaking”. Csp engineers use the world “luxury” to describe LADM sound!

Solid and strong bass, saturated mid to low frequencies, stable median and natural high frequency response are the reasons that LADM is referred to as luxury.

Due to the luxury of LADM, Csp engineers invented an important name to score the acoustic quality. That is “focusy”. The use of this name shall provide a quantified data to the appraisal of acoustic products.

The two way LA12DM and LA5DM sound systems, and the bass sound system LA18BM can manifest different sound effect through different combination based on the various requirements.



Live club performance

Club installs

Mobile DJ

Houses of Worship

Live performance stage monitoring




18" LV3 Technology

Compact vented sub-bass

Large ports ensure low air noise

Top hat fitting for pole mounting LA12DM/LA15DM

UPWE™ (Ultrachrome Protecting wood enclosures) black polyurea finish

Dual Neutrik Speakon in Parallel

Manufactured with Pride in the United States




Csp Sound Systems are guaranteed

Csp Sound Systems are guaranteed against malfunction due to defect in material and workmanship for a period of five full years from the date of purchase. This limited warranty does not apply to burned out voice coils or obvious physical abuse. Products in this literature are capable of producing damaging sound pressure levels, always use protection. Never suspend speaker systems by handles or unapproved hardware. Member of PaulAudio Copyright 1992-2020 CSP Professional. All rights reserved.