P.PA Amp

P.PA Amp have four items P.PA1, P.PA2, P.PA3, and P.PA4, use for all csp speakers.

K Series

New K Series have three items K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, K7 and K10, use for Clubs, Karaoke Clubs, Health Clubs, night clubs.

LA Series

LA series is from 500WRMS to 1200WRMS,including LA12V3, LA12MV3 LA15V3, LA22LV, LA32V3, LA63V3, LA73V3, LA90V3, LA12DM, LA15DM, LA90DM, LA18BM, LA28BM. The lower sound units apply aluminum and steel frame, with 2" and 3" voice coil  LV technology.

Mc Series

Mc1 and Mc2 are true full frequency speakers. The lower limit of their low frequency can both reach 45Hz while the former has 85dB sensitivity at 45Hz and the later has 88dB sensitivity at 45Hz.

New 400 Series

New 200 Series have five items 490 and 468, use for Clubs, Karaoke Clubs, Health Clubs.

Bass System

The Bass Series of sub bass systems provide scalable solutions to the problems of extending low frequency response. Including 15BC, 18BC, LA70C, LA80V3, Ms80, Ms81, ProM201, ProM301

CD Series

8”speaker has many unique advantages. Some people might ask, “Why does CSP like to use 8” speaker? CDS, CDM, CDL, Stand Alone, or Arrayed.

Discontinued Products

SP32C, SP35C, SP39C

SP37C, SP30C, 290, 268, 298, 256, 257, 277, 288, 289, 267, 255, CD28, CD48, CD12, RS323, CSP57, LA90C, LA12TC, LA63C, LA73C, LA15HC, LA32C, LA22C, LA80C, SP38C, SP28C, LA12MC, RS8, RS10, RS21, RS31RS12, RS15, RS25, RS36RS20, RS30, Ms23, Ms20, Ms21, Ms25, Ms30, Ms31, Ms32, Ms80, K8

FerroSound Series

CSP is now seriously recommending its brand new FerroSound series!

CSP, which has over 10 years of professional stereo R&D experience, will be launching its earthshaking FerroSound series recently. The series adopt ultra bass Ferrofluid technology to improve bass response. In the past, stereo users worldwide have had good praise of the high and intermediate sound of CSP products. Now, in combination with the bass Ferrofluid technology, while guaranteeing the high frequency sound, the bass response is also greatly improved in CSP products to make ultra small box generates extremely strong and heavy bass sound.

The brand new FerroSound series has eight types of products. Each one of them is original and their value is worth more than what they are priced. While continuously introducing new products, the experts at CSP does not forget the application and practicability of the products. Reasonable quality control has always been the expertise of stereo experts at CSP. However, reasonable selling price is what makes CSP standing erect in the world of stereo system.

The corporate culture at CSP is also improved along with the launching of this new series. The brand new UPWE is one of the best stereo products in the stereo world. In today’s professional stereo world, only CSP has this unique speaker production technology.

Yes. When you hear the sound of FerroSound products, don’t doubt your ears. Everything is within control. Everything is real!

Great but yet ordinary. This is what makes CSP different from the others.

The FerroSound Series of Full Range Bass Reflex  systems used Ferrofluid-cooled driver, Including FS8, FS12, FS12M, FS15, FS15T, FS15C, FS25, FS18

CLX Series

CLX915, CLX922, CLX925, CLX918B, CLX928B, CLX938, CLX915M

RS Series

RS40, RS41, RS42, RS43 RS50, RS60

Speaker Components


All Product Made in the U.S.A.


U: Ultrachrome;

P.W.E.: Protecting wood enclosures

15 in. High Power Powered Subwoofer

P.PA1-LV   P.PA2-LV   P.PA3-LV   P.PA4-LV

All Csp produced cabinets are 100% computer designed and optimally tuned. They are produced on CNC. point-to point routers and NC. controlled panel saws that are accurate to .005". The cabinets feature road friendly composition.

There are so many types of Csp® speaker, such as LA22LV™, etc. These products meet the surrounding requirement of the indoor environment. Both the requirement of box structure by professional speakers and the artistic requirement of customers have been taken into consideration when Csp® speakers were being designed. Its box structure is different from that of other brands and the boards used are of MDF compressed boards. This helps to increase the strength of the speaker box and to improve the quality of the sound. The enhanced bars between the front and the rear boards help to increase the overall rigidity and to prevent the resonance. The extra thick acoustic cotton effectively prevents the resonance. The metal wrap angle, metal handle, metal sound separating board and its unified design give a very good overall appearance and fully shows the spirit of American roughness. Its specially designed front net represents another facet of American boldness and vigor. The iron net, sponge and the aluminum bars are elaborately installed and give the customers a sense of beauty. The professional internal design and the artistic designed shell of the Csp® products have reached the highest realm of the professional speakers. The extra thick plastic inner packing and the super strong carton can prevent the Csp® products from being damaged during transportation. The Csp® products have always been popular because of the perfect production management and its five-year limited warranty.

Csp speaker enclosures are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship in normal use for a period of five (5) years from the date of original purchase. Rental stock is warranted for one year from date of invoice to dealer. Warranty on rental units is not transferable...



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