Csp Professional Loudspeaker System

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CLX915 loudspeaker

Different music must be played using different method. That is why Csp offers so many series of products. It is appropriate to say that the CLX series is designed for live performance.

Live musical performance has special requirements for sound restoration. For example, we first consider flexibility for low frequency. (We also take strength into consideration but not much.) What mid to high frequency requires is penetration, not smoothness and fineness. Whether low frequency, mid or high frequency, they all require sufficient large receiving power capability. These are what CLX possess.

2K-6kHz has advanced 6kB. This is the biggest feature of CLX915. It is specially designed for live musical performance. Its FOCUSY is 7.5.




Mobile DJ

Houses of Worship

Live performance stage monitoring




LV3 Technology

Trapezoid Design

Die-cast aluminum basket

Full-range passive operation or Bi-amplified (optional)

SP DDP™ (Speaker Distortion Dynamic Protection)

UPWE™ (Ultrachrome Protecting wood enclosures) black polyurea finish

Neutrik Speakon & Dual 1/4 Phone Jacks in Parallel

Manufactured with Pride in the United States

pole mount socket

Flying version, the CLX915F is available




Csp Sound Systems are guaranteed

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