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“CSP Professional” was conceived in 1992. It was then called “Paul Audio Inc.” Now “Paul Audio Inc.” is the parent company of “CSP Professional”.
Like many companies, “CSP” has evolved over time and is the leading Exporter to Asia and the Pacific Rim. With over 250 dealer’s world wide, “CSP” has a solid customer base that is expanding rapidly. The company’s first manufacturing plant was in The City of Industry. Two years ago we relocated To beautiful Montclair, CA and now house all operations at the Montclair complex.


Today we manufacture every component and part. From the assembly of all speakers and hi frequency drivers, to cutting out all the cabinets on our “CNC” saws, to spraying every cabinet with our own “U.P.W.E.” 2-part high temperature exterior treatment with built-in UV protestant, to shearing all our grills and building all our own crossovers and then completing final assembly. Our quality control is strict and efficient and we have no return products. This is why we offer the longest warranty in the business. FIVE YEARS! No questions Asked. If one of our products fails due to a factory defect we will warrant the product for five full years.
Today we introduce the “RS Series” as our introductory line of speakers. The “RS Series” uses 300 watt woofers and 1” titanium drivers. Four full range and Two sub woofer cabinets make the “RS Series” a quality and affordable choice.
As a starter DJ rig or as a cost effective small sound reinforcement system the “RS Series” pounds out the music without missing a beat every night of the week.
Our “LA Series” of loudspeakers targets club, church and other permanent Install situations that require top quality components that utilize fly-points and Can handle the intensity of club environments etc. Our “MS Series” uses the same components as our “LA Series” except we use
13 ply Baltic Birch plywood for the cabinet so it will withstand the abuse cabinets out on tour must stand up to. Fly points included on all “MS Series”.

This year at N.A.M.M. we introduced “ALTAIR” AUDIO INC. of Madrid, Spain to America. We are very excited to represent “ALTAIR” and there hi-end Products. This merging of the two companies products is another step in showing
The strength we have in the world market place. The addition of the “ELECTRA
E3” series of consoles and there signal processing product brings “CSP Professional” the components we need to compete in the digital and state of the art analog marketplace we know as Pro Audio. Please visit the Altair website at
www.altairaudio.com and see this beautiful digital over analog console.



At “CSP Professional” we strive every day to improve our product lines. We are always looking to discover new technology that will help us design And build stronger, lighter and more durable products. We have recently found Some of this technology and we will introduce the “CLX Series” of products In the spring of 2005. This series will include a line array targeting short to
Medium throw wide dispersion arrays for use indoors and other components to Compliment the line array systems as well as some new designs for use in the Club market. Hold your breath on this one, it is worth the wait.
We recently finished developing an amplifier line here at “CSP Professional” And we will introduce the “PPA” amplifier line in the spring of 2005. So Look for the P.PA1, P.PA2, P.PA3, and P.PA4. Utilizing the newest technology available, we bring you strong, rugged and dependable power amps
That controls the speakers like no other amplifier has done before. Keep holding your breath and check the website www.csppro.com often for
Press releases regarding these new products. The future is bright and LOUD Here at “CSP Professional” and we want you to share in this future with us.

Unique Sales Channel: Signing sales contract with worldwide sound system dealers directly is a whole-new management concept, and the contract is with sales, not just a simple agency contract.

The sales department at CSP is brainwashed. As a result, they could only sign sales contracts. Maybe this is what led to the success of CSP. CSP's view is that only sales could make them understand the market, and the buyer – the dealer. Only by achieving this, one would successfully play the role of “Hollywood” hero.

Unique Management: At the door of CSP's sales department, the following is written: “If you have an urgent order, we can deliver it to you within 48 hours. If you have a lot of orders, please wait patiently.

In CSP's world, everything should be planned. This kind of planning is reasonable and is proceduralized. They do not apply the same kind of standard on their buyers. CSP understands the “urgent condition” of the dealers due to lack of consideration, too busy at work, and insufficient time. CSP hopes that all urgencies would end at CSP. This is the “humanized” management that CSP is talking about.


A complete and auxiliary loudspeaker unit production line to improve the competitiveness of CSP products to the maximum. What is efficiency? We make our own loudspeaker, loudspeaker unit, frequency divider…….CSP has made everything it could.

Come and sign the sales contract. This is what you can do!

Here we go.

Many nightclubs like Casa Latina, Prosperidad Nightclub, and Exotica Showgirls have all purchased our speakers. Recently, Milan from California Sound came to us when preparing for a project. Milan and his partner were speechless! Amazed at how CSP sounded. "this is one of the best speakers I've heard in years." Said Milan. With over thirty years of experience in the business, Milan decided that CSP was indeed the perfect sound for Castle Park in Riverside and Raging Waters in San Dimes, CA.







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Csp office location: Cliffwood Business Park

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